PROFESSIONAL website administration and maintenance




It is a perfect solution for a professional website that can cover all needs in the online environment.

1: Time dedicated to different desired changes

  • -> maxim 100 minute ( Site maintenance - placing content, pictures, if appropriate )

2 : Add an article

  • portal with 2 link-uri dofollow.
  • The maximum wording is 7 days. The article will be written by us, of 2 or during contract.


  • Establishing keywords - Google ranking examination requests / relevance / competition.
  • Site analysis in terms of SEO optimization( page rank, verification meta tag CEs, existence and keyword density, Review keyword ranking, back link-uri etc). We accomplish this action if the site was not made by us.
  • Analyze 2-3 sites of competitors in terms of SEO.
  • Creating site optimization algorithm and meta tags optimized.


  • The introduction to each page meta tags depending on the specific.
  • Checks / changes / additions to the structure of web pages according meta tag set. If the site is not developed by us.
  • Changes / additions to the site for obtaining information conținut seo frendly.
  • Creating anchors and internal links.
  • Placing links to "social media".


  • Introduction web directories according indexing algorithm. Maxim 3 web directories.
  • Create pages for company with link to company website lists / catalogs companies (option presentation products / services),
  • Creating / updating pages of "social media".
  • Create external back-link from / to sites collaborators / Other sites Profile.

6: monthly maintenance

  • monthly monitoring site cu google webmaster tools și google analitycs. In the 2'a month contract is done on Google Webmaster Tools account and Analitycs.
  • Update installed modules.
  • Achievement sitemap ( sitemap ).


Before starting the process wordpress site security, It needs to be analysis and a scan of the website with the tools necessary for this.

  • Scans website to see what kind of errors in site.
  • It scans your site to see if there is malware.
  • If you have a scan portal to see what users are reregistered suspects.
  • It makes an inspection on the source code of the page.
  • Scan to see if there are viruses site.
  • It is verified Firewall.
  • Audit passwords to make sure that users do not have very vulnerable passwords.

Once these things have been achieved, pass effectively secure site and installation tools needed ie:

  • anti SPAM, to avoid recording unwanted users.
  • install Firewall, to block intentions "bursting site".
  • The elimination viruses, if they were caught in certain areas of the site.
  • Removing malware.
  • Block IPs from certain regions.
  • It scans your site, securing to see results.
  • Is diagnostic and draw conclusions last.

Securing can be made within 2 months after signing contract.

Terms of realization:

  • The analysis can take between 2-5 days.
  • SEO ON SITE: 1-3 weeks. This depends on the complexity of the site.
  • SEO OFF SITE: 12 -14 weeks.
  • MENTENANŢA: 3 up to 6 Monday
  • website security: 4-8 weeks. This depends on the state website.
  • Promotional packages can be 6 after 12 Monday. The contract may be suspended at any time at the customer's request or at the request of the service provider a written request.
  • Intervention time for your changes will be made only on weekdays between the hours 08:00 – 23:00.
  • Interventions desired Week end days or religious holidays and will be charged fee 100 RON / hour.

East Pretul 300 RON for this package. Please contact us at 0745264252 If you are interested in purchasing this package.


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