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This is a perfect package for companies and large companies

You have a great company and you want a web site presentation?

It is clear that the Internet and online presence making big differences in the market. Internet has provided many opportunities for small, medium and the much higher degree of copetitivitate also increasing market. By means of a website quality customers can reach you more quickly.

If you have a large company, national or international, we can offer you effective solutions to create a imagine virtuala profesionala using the latest trends in IT.

Just as the physical premises, seat online is vital to highlight your status and mission of your business.

What we pay for making a presentation web site ?

Definitely put the balance more offers. Feel free to read below may include a Web site presentation to live up to your expectations:

  • Design modern, custom or a default theme.
  • Responsive design. A very imortant element for design perfectly adapted to mobile platforms.
  • Administration panel where you can control all site content ( Imagery, text, Product Management )
  • Unlimited pages.
  • Unlimited number of forms ( formulate contact, inquiry form, etc.. ).
  • Unlimited photo galleries.
  • Unlimited video galleries.
  • Unlimited e-mail with the site name ( ex: ).
  • Creare logo. An identity as pleasant and as easy to “digest” for visitors.
  • Optimizing pages for search engines with the help of very important elements.
  • Entering the site in search engines ( google, yahoo, bing ).
  • Showing specials all site pages.
  • Aplicatie de newsletter.
  • Website Translation in many languages ​​you want your.
  • Contact page “flying” displayed on all pages of the site. In this increases the chances that his appeal to the visitors as soon as the company management.
  • Ability to add and manage banners on site. Ad exchanges addresses with potential partners.
  • Harta site XML si/ sau HTML.
  • Consulting and choice of host.
  • Muzic player. If applicable.
  • Online Booking System. For tourism sites.
  • Introduction of dynamic elements as simple.
  • Achievement facebook page or google plus. These are the most important channels of social.
  • The connection between your website and social networks.
  • Back-up at the end of the project. The final, you can supply a file with all site content.
  • Tested together each site functionality. it before payment.

Price for achieving a Web site presentation may vary depending on desired items, that contribute to your brand image. Our solutions advanced PHP, MySQL and other web programming languages ​​will encounter in the professional aspect of your company's website.

To become a Known brand on the Internet and to have a high authority site, should put in balance all stakeholders. But it is known that internet promotion has come much cheaper than other advertising methods such as: radio/ TV, newspapers / magazines and other media.

Together with you we will design the project so that the result will be one of suuces for both sides. Our position will be to choose what is best for you.

What areas can we achieve website ?

No matter your field of activity, we are able to adapt to any and accept all challenges. As fields will confirm that we can achieve the bold projects:

  • Property Scope
  • Agencies
  • Fashion agencies..
  • Magazine de haine is incaltaminte
  • Organizing events
  • Anunturi online
  • Auto Dealer for parts or cars
  • Personal blogs and forums

Collect the money only after the client is satisfied with our services. For any further information do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We welcome you to a possible collaboration.

Achievement web site presentation for large

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