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If you're starting out in an online business and want to design a website ads, we can help

Want a Web site for online ads?

Nu este usor sa administrezi un asemenea site fiind un sector foarte larg. Need something new, professional and as modern.

Perform ads sites for any city or nationwide, international. Website ads can be translated into as many languages ​​as you want.

What can contain an advertising site made by us:

  • achieving a module and port information about the services we offer, about options for publishing ads, about ways of payment (if appropriate)
  • develop a way to filter ads, by domains and subdomains that fits
  • creating a fast search mode and / or Advanced (filtered)
  • implementation of a module with the latest and most popular ads
  • creating a way of adding ads by category; Ad moderation can make management, or programming can be done so that only the first, the zicem, three ads posted by someone to be moderate, and these to automatically activate; validity of an ad is limited - depending on the type of account that was added (Single / premium) and selecting the desired term; Users will receive email alerts on expiry of the notice period, so when added, and before the expiration (for example, with 3 days / a week before)
  • adding a new announcement will be made on the basis of an authentication / logins applicant; it will be able to create a simple account or premium (the latter provides certain facilities or reductions, set by the developer site and informative modules presented in the site - Terms & Conditions / How to create an account)
  • creation of a subscription mode, with the option to select only certain categories of ads; newsletter will be administered, and will contain a link to unsubscribe, being optimized so as not to come into SPAM folder
  • creating a social networking module (Facebook, Twitter, Rss)
  • create a customizable footer, with useful links and recommended
  • old elements, be developed on request, in functie of necesitate: slider for commercials, diverse widget-uri, how news etc..
  • the mapping XML Site, to facilitate navigation, which automatically updates the insertion of new categories or sections in site
  • implementing separate pages for different texts, such as: Terms of Use, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Advertisement, FAQ etc.
  • Inside pages of ads website.
  • Creating Web Pages Interior for each category and subcategory of the main menu and for each announcement separately; they will be given, and allow adding photos and video; will be mandatory fields and optional fields, agreed with the developer site.

Developing a customizable platform

The portal will be built on a CMS (Content Management System) custom, we developed. It benefits from or administrare Alert, which will alter both the general data of the site (contact, useful text etc.), interior and content pages (Browse Ads, forms for sending notices and other).


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