Web design for human resource agencies

Ideal for companies HR. A portal for employees and employers

Do you have a human resources agency and you need a site for proper employers ?

We offer Web design services for human resources agency, professional and cheap


Here's what we can offer:

  • Administration Panel for employers. They can add a list of jobs.
  • Administration Panel for future employees. They can add unlimited number of CVs.
  • You can manage all pages.
  • You can manage all resumes and the jobs created on the site.
  • You may moderation CVs and the jobs.
  • You can create packages that pay for anjagatori want to add jobs advertised
  • It can manage locations.
  • You can add / edit images.
  • Translate site in multiple languages. With the ability to change automatic translations.
  • It can manage all persons on site inregstrape.
  • The visitor has the opportunity to choose how to register ( employer or employee ).
  • You can add unlimited pages.
  • You can add an image gallery.
  • You can add training courses.
  • Contact page with form and map google map.


Everything becomes easy for everyone. For more details please contact us at contact@webdesign-profesional.com


How much is a site for human resources agency.

Price may start from 800 RON and can contain everything you listed above.


Web design agency for human resources

Web design agency for human resources



Rapid, maxim 15 days

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