A website created WordPress optimization is not simple .

You do not necessarily need programming knowledge, But you need a few tools that will help you have a web site with authority, well secured and better optimized. Some time ago I tried to explain that 4 of the most important factors for making a website optimization as good but now I explain this in more detail.

Everything is based on past experience 8 years of work in this area but always accept news and other solutions that deliver results. Before we start, you need to know in general that Google or any search engine will be the most discerning visitor to your site.

Below retrieve the most important elements for a site. I recommend that you check the turn and if you have questions feel free to contact me.

Health Website

It represents a very important aspect for website optimization with good results.

THIS? If you use a free theme or HAKED, a search engine will immediately detect this and will penalize. Google loves honest work and put increasingly more emphasis on intellectual property. After finishing his website you can check the "health" using 3W Validator .

Before you decide what theme to use, You can choose one premium site ThemeForest. Here you will find thousands of topics that provide many options compared to a free theme. From experience I can say that it is best to have a theme with a purchased license, There are multiple benefits: Technical Support Desk, free updates of the theme, a well written source, etc..

In general to solve the health problems of the site it is better to stay talking to a person with knowledge in the field.

Web design responsive

To be sure the website is visible on any mobile platform that uses iOS or Android you must be sure the theme is used "Responsive Design". Google introduced this year indexation factor 2015 because over 50% of internet users, Now browsing on mobile platforms.

You can test this at Mobile Friendly , service offered free by Google. And I honestly tell you if you get on a site out in the following Non responsive 10 seconds.

If the theme is not responsive, you can install a plugin that will help you do this. One of the most used is WPTouch Mobile plugin, but you can certainly find many more choices.

Page Load Speeds

Statistics show that a visitor does not expect more 2-3 seconds to load a webpage, just think and search engines. If your web site is slow, It will be penalized without discussion.

To test the loading speed using the tool provided by Google to address PageSpeed Tools.

If you have a score over 65% then you can rest assured, this score shows that your site was moving well and you do not need much tweaking, But the service will offer some solutions.

If you have a score below 65% then you have to pay attention to this aspect. Here are some solutions on how you can optimize your website for better load:

  • Optimize images Smush IT . It is a free way and is quite effective.
  • Compress CSS files using the service CSS Compressor.
  • Compress HTML with HTML Compressor
  • Activați Zip Compression file .htacces

Another service that tests the upload speed is offered by GTMETRIX. I saw more and more users who use this service.

Website Optimization, means content 100% original.

It Gives, That's how it is, Google has clearly knows the difference between a copy and an original content. We're talking both text and images used. When you edit the contents consider a few aspects that takes into account any search engine:

  • Focus on a key word or phrase. Before deciding to refer this word Google services KeyWord Plannerand you can see that the volume of searches on the phrase that.
  • Folosiți un plugin de SEO cum ar fi SEO by Yoast sau All in One SEO pack. These are tools that can help a lot, they will pay a SEO score for each page separately.
  • Write paragraphs as clear. Always a paragraph should begin with the most important sentence.
  • Try to write short sentences. It believes that sentences that have more than 20 words and long sentences are considered unreadable by visitors.
  • Do not use words too complicated, to be explained to visitors.
  • Use as much as H1 and H2 paragraphs securities. In these paragraphs it is preferable to be included and keyword focused page.
  • Add the minimum image content which contain the alt tag.
  • Add a link, maxim 2 to another site.
  • Vary as much content. For a text to be more attractive, some people use the words "and" or "too" often. Mixing it with "and" or "moreover", could make text more attractive and easier to read.
  • At the end of the text using the "Call to action", It is a trend which is used increasingly more and give results.
  • Provide at least one example from the services or products you offer or simply a brief chance.
  • Use umlauts for all texts.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of needs SEO content editing, there are people specializing in this niche.

Secure Site

Once you have worked so hard to bring the site to an advanced stage as it would be a real shame to take a virus or malicious code in files. For a website optimization, Security is perhaps the most important element.

Given that WordPress is becoming increasingly popular, appeared quite a few opportunities to break a site, But it may be provided that is also easy to predict and easy to clean.

What needs to be done?

  • First, you can analyze site using the service provided by JUICES with very good accuracy.
  • Install Wordfence Security. Free WordPress module that provides protection for viruses pretty good, Malware codes, SPAM. Also you can see Live Traffic (people, search engines, alert).
  • Scan using Wordfence site and clean everything seem strange.
  • Install a firewall, does not already account for cPanel.
  • Keep updated throughout the modules and themes. atenta, This aspect is vital, because they are the best tracks for those who will follow the attack site.
  • Try replacing the wp-admin name with another, or other pathways classic WordPress.

If you had more problems with the site is recommended to remove all

and start at 0, using the old database. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • To do a back to your current website, especially the file uploads to recover all images.
  • You must reload again a wordpress platform,
  • Install theme computer,
  • To link the old with the new database. Database name you can identify wp-config.php file in the source site.
  • Then you can upload images in the same location with an FTP client. For example FileZilla.


This refers to the site and page optimization involves the following actions. You probably already know what this item namely SEO, if not, you can read our article.

  • The introduction of meta tags for each page (Meta title, Meta description) depending on the activity.
  • Creating anchors and internal links on the site. This action increases the search engines visit.
  • Entering links for "social media".
  • Come all the time with some news. At least once a month to make a change to the site thereby avoiding "ruginearea" its.


This is still a very important issue, namely the relationship with the online site. Actions that might be followed:

  • Entering the indexing algorithm suitable web directories.
  • The registration site in as many lists of companies depending on the category it belongs, example: List of Companies Romania.
  • Create external back-link from / to sites collaborators / Other sites Profile.
  • Posting back-link ads on specialized sites.

It is not mandatory that the information above to be applied in all areas, this is the case, is ideal but if you have a web site 3-5 pagini, which does daily or even weekly nothing new , Avoid the effort to increase it. It will be a web site that will greatly increase in searches.

If you have any objections or other useful tips about optimizing a website WordPress, do not hesitate to contact me, any opinion counts.

If you want more information or need help optimize, but puteţi contact and telephone 0745 26 42 52.


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