AdWords campaign- ce inseamna?

Services offered google AdWords the most efficient method of online pulicitate, because of google will bring targeted visitors directly to your site so you can promote your products or services you offer.

SC ADAD Company 365 SRL, Besides services Create web site profesional, SEO, maintenance and management contracts web site, provides AdWords campaign management service for good advertising your services.

Cum functioneaza o Campanie AdWords

How does an AdWords Campaign ?

It is most often type of advertising online. To understand better what it is going to take an example searches. You can imagine that you sell Cheap Mobile Phones. Persons interested in your products will key in google expression “Cheap Mobile Phones” and to receive tens of results. And you most certainly want to appear in the first 2-3 results to be found as well but this is not possible, at least in the first year after market launch.

When switched AdWords campaign , you must have a budget for that. So no one will impose no limits and go on principle “so you get what you pay for”. More exactly, Suppose you are willing to invest the amount of 300 RON / month for this campaign and give 1 USD / click / expression Cheap Mobile Phones. When will give 300 by clik sites, your budget is exhausted and the campaign will stop automatically. Of course you can resume as soon as the campaign fund your account with a different amount of money. While active campaign website will attend dmneavoastra section “Sponsored Links”.



Creare campanie google adwords

It was a simple example, But things are more complicated after we get into details. We take turns some details to better understand each element contributing to an effective campaign:

  • Keywords. When you have to decide what words to use on your niche using the tool provided by Google KeywordPlanner and do not rush to draw conclusions which can benefit.
  • budget / keywords. Depending on your chosen word, if it is very “livid” and others, eligibl it is determined how and bids around it. More exactly, if your offer 1 RON expression Cheap Mobile Phones, Google will tell you that there are people who offer 3 RON 4 RON for the same term and you have to choose, or bid more, times your ad will appear below the list Ad.
  • campaign period The administrator can set everything in one study. Specifically you can analyze niche slots for you to know what times are between most visitors. For example in the evening after the hour 19, statistics show that the largest internet traffic in Romania.
  • The site structure It is very important for a visitor to turn into client, otherwise you will see how exhausted all clik sites and will not contacted anyone. If you want a site analysis ( Design, THIS, ) you can analyze our page with services offered.
  • structure announcement and how they interact with the Service your user is important for better result.

In principle, when you Ganite an AdWords campaign you have to come with a message at the right time. Of course we'll take care of this.

Optimize daily announcements structure

For the best possible efficiency and results increasingly better. The idea is to get to a report click / client bigger. Today we have customers who have increased campaign budget 5-6 or, this means as profit rose as.

Increasingly more companies are turning to service, because it is by far the best solution to promote efficiency and best.

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